Audio Recordings

Taking Steps by Robert Denham

I. Box Step

II. One Step Forward

III. Heavy Steps

IV. Out of Bounds

Six Pieces by Ron Levy

I. Jump and Leap

II. A Strange Meeting

III. Persistence

IV. Java Booboo

V. Chocolate Fingers

VI. Leaning Down

Odd Beethoven by Ron Levy

I. Crooked Lisa

II. Shrimp Salad

III. Hero Sandwich

IV. Sixth Sense

V. Number Nine

Five Frogs by Jenni Brandon

1. Leaping

2. On the Lily Pad

3. Swimming

4. Bullfrog

5. Catching Bugs

6. Epilogue

Aeros by Ron Levy


Coming Home to the House Over Yonder by Alexander Reams

Congratulations to the 2023 Composition Competition winner at Biola University!

Cross and Glory by Dr. Lawrence Mumford